Serving Guyana
Since 2006


Humble Origins

Industrial Safety Supplies Inc. first opened its doors on January 02, 2006 and is the brainchild of our general manager and majority shareholder Mr. Hemant Narine. Prior to launching this company, Hemant had been the driving force behind another safety company called Safety Equipment (MDS Limited), for well over a decade. However, this entity was eventually sold by its owner, who lived overseas. Mr. Narine decided to leverage his considerable experience and knowledge to start his own venture, and the rest is history.


Serving Guyana Since 2006

Over the past decade, Industrial Safety Supplies Inc. has built a strong reputation for providing quality products and exceptional service.

We are

Committed To Service

Easy Affordability
Exclusive Distributorship Status
Free and Reliable Delivery
Excellent Customer Support

An Ascendant Star

Due to the fact that Mr. Narine had built a strong reputation over the years for supplying quality products and providing exceptionally reliable services, it came as no surprise when customers, both old and new, gravitated towards his new company. Industrial Safety Supplies Inc. has consistently grown from strength to strength over the years. We have been continually widening and expanding our products and service offerings to meet our customers’ changing needs and requirements. Industrial Safety Supplies Inc. is now undeniably the leading local supplier of fire and safety equipment and PPEs. This lead of ours is uncontested throughout the country.

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